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Welcome to Elite Security International, where we provide you with the best and most effective events security service in the RGV . Our service covers everything from large events with high profile guests to smaller, more intimate gatherings. We have a great working relationship with other security agencies to achieve effective, complete security. You can reach us at(956) 247-4983 if you would like to learn more about the services we offer.

Our Security Services

We offer a range of different services to make sure your event is safe from strangers and unwanted guests. We will keep a keen eye on every guest to make sure they follow your rules and regulations. In the case of large events, we make sure that everything is in order so that there can be a smooth evening or day for all. We also work closely with you to gain an understanding of how you want your event to go and what your expectations are.

Our Team Of Security Professionals

Every single person who makes up our team has spent years in the security industry and understand their roles in different scenarios. Some also have previous military or law enforcement experience, which helps as they have an authoritative presence which can keep people from causing trouble. They are trained to be active listeners and also have good communication skills. Furthermore, they also have a basic knowledge of first aid in case of emergencies.


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All services
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What We Offer

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